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Competition in the Age of Generative AI

Updated: Mar 12

Abraham Song

The Age of Generative AI has arrived with ChatGPT in 2022. A race for dominance is on and it is clear that the technology will dramatically transform our societies and economies. This paper highlights a few insights based on the landscape of competition as it evolves. First, market dominance is not by the big tech but by a startup (OpenAI). Second, in the Generative AI race, competition appears to be less US-centric. Many of the leading products in generative AI are of non-US origin. Third, top tier AI research is distributed across academia and the private sector. One of the key inputs to generative AI race is talent. At the moment, the US dominates in the top 25 AI institutions, but when it comes to the talent pipeline, China has made major strides.

The OpenAI’s launch of ChatGPT in November 30, 2022 unveiled a new era of generative artificial intelligence (AI). Since then, the generative AI has taken the world by storm. The generative AI was long way coming and at the same time, unexpected in its arrival and its technological capability. Built on decades of technology, such as computers, internet, cloud – the pace at which it scaled is unprecedented, reaching a million users in five days and a hundred million users in two months. The level of disruption that it will have across industries and occupations is also of magnitude that has yet to be seen.

This working paper was submitted to the European Commission in response to their call for contributions on Virtual Worlds and Generative AI.

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